Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Need An Animal Blood Bank?

Like humans, there are times when our canine and feline companions may have an urgent need for blood or plasma. This could include trauma, blood clotting disorders, autoimmune diseases and some cancers, certain poisonings, and/or excessive bleeding from illness or surgery.  We are committed to having a full assortment of blood products easily accessible for your pets and our local veterinary community to avoid detrimental treatment delays that are inevitable when we have to order these products from far away.

1. Is my dog eligible to become a blood donor?

2. What will you test my dog for during the donor screening?

3. Do dogs have different blood types than people?

4. How much blood can my dog donate? How often can he/she donate blood?

5. What happens to the blood after a blood donation?

6. What happens to my dog when I drop him off for a blood donation?

7. How will my dog act after a blood donation?

8. Will my dog be sedated for blood donation?

9. What benefits do blood donors receive?

10. How do I schedule a blood donation appointment?

11. What type of information do you need from me?

12. What if I have additional questions?